5Pcs Jumbo Shrimps
50gr Kunafa Dough
20gr Fresh Coriander
1 Gloves Garlic
50Ml Olive Oil
5gr Chilli Powder
1pc Egg White

Serves 4

1. For the Coriander Pesto we put olive oil and fresh coriander, garlic in a food processor we blind all until we get a nice creamy texture.
2. We take the skin out of the jumbo shrimps and we keep the tail, Marinated with lemon Zest, salt, peopper, chilli powder and the pesto coriander.
3. Wrap eachShrimp with 10gr of Kunafa, keeping the Tail Unwrapped and pressed tight with egg white to be glued.
4. Place the Shrimp Kunafa in a Deep Fryer 5 minutes on 180 degree until golden brown color, Served with garlic Mayo or Sweet Chilli Sauce.